Enabling Clinical-Grade Genetic & Genomic Testing Services in Singapore

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LifeStrands Genomics is a Singaporean laboratory specializing in clinical and translational genomics. The company offers a wide range of clinical-grade genetic and genomic testing services, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about their patients’ health. LifeStrands Genomics is committed to its mission of improving patient outcomes in Southeast Asia by driving the adoption of clinical genomics. Through affordable and high-quality testing, the company aims to bring the benefits of clinical genomics to millions of people in the region.

For hereditary disease screening and diagnostics tests, LifeStrands Genomics partners with Ambry Genetics, a leader in genetic testing. This partnership supports the three Clinical Implementation Pilots for patients with familial hypercholesterolemia, familial and hereditary cancers, and primary glomerular diseases for Phase II of Singapore’s National Precision Medicine.

The partnership between LifeStrands Genomics and Ambry Genetics reflects a shared vision for the future of clinical genomics and a commitment to excellence in providing high-quality genetic testing services. Together, they aim to advance patient care in Singapore and Southeast Asia by ensuring that clinicians have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

LifeStrands Genomics is a subsidiary of the Pathology Asia group, a leading independent diagnostic service provider in Southeast Asia headquartered in Singapore. The Pathology Asia group includes Innoquest Diagnostics, one of the largest diagnostic service providers in Singapore, and other leading diagnostic laboratories in Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia; as well as a digital platform for healthcare providers. Pathology Asia aspires to be the foremost trusted diagnostics services provider in Southeast Asia and Australasia.

Ambry Genetics is a subsidiary of REALM IDx, Inc. It is a leader in genetic testing that aims to improve health by understanding the relationship between genetics and diseases. Due to its unparalleled track record of discoveries over 20 years, as well as to its growing database that continues to expand in collaboration with academic, corporate and pharmaceutical partners, Ambry Genetics is first to market with innovative products and comprehensive analysis that enable clinicians to confidently inform patient health decisions.