Transforming Health in Singapore through Precision Medicine


Coordinate a whole of government effort to implement Singapore’s National Precision Medicine programme, to drive at the national level: data-driven healthcare, improved patient outcomes and economic value capture.

Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE)is the central entity set up to coordinate a whole of government effort to implement Phase II of Singapore’s 10-year National Precision Medicine (NPM) strategy.

NPM Phase II aims to transform healthcare in Singapore and improve patient outcomes through new insights into the Asian genome and data-driven healthcare solutions. NPM Phase II will also enhance the breadth and depth of the Precision Medicine-related industry by attracting and anchoring overseas companies in Singapore while yielding new opportunities for home-grown companies.


Precision Medicine is one of the key goals of Singapore’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2025 vision for Health and Biomedical Sciences. Precision medicine offers an effective means of translating research into more efficient healthcare delivery systems and better health for Singaporeans. Singapore’s National Precision Medicine Strategy is a 10-year research roadmap to accelerate biomedical research, improve health outcomes and enhance opportunities for economic value across sectors.

Our Story

Our Story

Making precision medicine in Singapore possible requires long-term commitments from both the government and private industries. This strategy will be implemented as three phases.

Phase I of Singapore’s National Precision Medicine (NPM) programme set the stage by establishing a Singaporean reference database containing 10,000 genomes, and partnering with industry as co-investors in the NPM programme.

Phase II was launched in 2020 and aims to generate the genomes of 100,000 healthy Singaporeans and 50,000 people with specific diseases. Phase II will pilot clinical implementation of precision medicine approaches and establish data infrastructure for the linkage of genomic data with electronic health records and other data types. Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE) is the central entity incorporated to coordinate Phase II.

Phase III will implement precision medicine in Singapore on a large scale and Phase III is expected to span from 2024 to 2027. Besides genomic sequencing of up to 1 million people, the genomic data will be linked with clinical and lifestyle data to create large Singaporean databases. Ultimately, doctors and scientists can use these valuable resources to reach a deeper understanding of how diseases develop, and discover better ways to prevent and treat them.

2017 - 2021

  • Generated whole genome sequences of >10,000 Singaporeans
  • Established Singapore Reference Genome
  • Developed Innovative Clinical Pathways
  • Seeded Industry Interest

What is Precision Medicine?
What is Precision Medicine?

2021 - 2024

  • Established PRECISE 
  • Generate whole genome sequences of 100,000 Singaporeans 
  • Embed genetics in the clinics
  • Capture economic value

2024 - 2027

  • Establish population scale genomics 
  • Responsible use of precision medicine 
  • Export “made-in-Singapore” tools

What is Precision Medicine?