Reference Genome Database

SG10K_Health is the headline project of the Singapore National Precision Medicine programme (NPM Phase I). Comprising 10,000 whole-genome sequences from healthy Chinese, Indian, and Malay consented volunteers. SG10K_Health involved a research collaboration across multiple institutions in Singapore, enabling the country to develop the necessary infrastructure and deep capabilities to process, store, and analyse genetic data at the population scale in a safe, secure, and rapid manner. SG10K_Health provides near complete assessment of common genetic variants in Singapore’s three major ethnic groups, which can be used by clinicians to better manage Asian patients with genetic disease and as a control data set to compare against disease studies. Work is ongoing to link the SG10K_Health genomic data to research traits (e.g., height, weight, blood pressure) and clinical records.

SG10K_Health Portal
Various web services have been established to query the SG10K_Health datasets, including allele frequencies, protein-drug interactions, imputation and polygenic risk scores. The web services can be accessed through the SG10K_Health web portal at:

  • CHORUS Variant Browser
  • CHORUS Beacon
  • SNPdrug3D
  • Imputation
  • Polygenic Risk Score


Data Access
The National Precision Medicine Data Access Committee (NPM DAC) has been established to oversee access to the SG10K_Health datasets to ensure:

  • Data is used appropriately according to NPM terms and conditions, including adherence to informed consent forms and ethical approvals for the data in question.
  • Data users are qualified investigators embedded within a recognised research-intensive organisation.


Interested applicants are highly recommended to read through the data access policies and data access forms:


For more information on the list of approved studies, please visit