GA4GH 9th Plenary Meeting



Special Segment on NPM & PRECISE:

Date: 28th Sept 2021

Time: 6.30 – 6.50 PM (ET) / 6.30am (SGT)*

Speaker: Mar Gonzalez-Porta, Staff Scientist, A*STAR

Admission is free, please click on link to register.


The GA4GH 9th Plenary Meeting will be held virtually on September 28 – September 29, 2020. The 9th Plenary will bring together organizations and stakeholders from the genomics and health community for two days of keynotes, talks, updates, and workshops that will focus on advancing development work for the immediate data sharing needs of the community. The meeting will consist of four session blocks convenient to different time zones. All talks will be available online after the meeting.



The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) is an international, non-profit alliance formed in 2013 to accelerate the potential of research and medicine to advance human health. Bringing together 600+ leading organizations working in healthcare, research, patient advocacy, life science, and information technology, the GA4GH community is working together to create frameworks and standards to enable the responsible, voluntary, and secure sharing of genomic and health-related data.