Precision Public Health Asia 2023 Conference

12th – 14th Jul, 2023 (Wed, Thur & Fri)

Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), Singapore

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Advancing Precision Public Health in Asia and Beyond – The Future is Now

Amidst a global pandemic, a growing burden of chronic diseases and widening fiscal deficits affecting developing and developed countries alike – the need for precision public health has never been greater. Public health agencies and practitioners simply must do better and do more with less. Data and technology drive innovation and hold the potential for us to radically transform the way we think about and deliver public health to the communities we serve.

The conference will explore current and future strategies related to precision public health, covering genomics, population health, digital health, big data and artificial intelligence – and how they can benefit public health in the developed and developing worlds. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated growth in many of these areas, and the many lessons learnt have further advanced the field of precision public health as new tools and technologies emerge to complement traditional medical and public health approaches to futureproof our health systems. Precision Public Health will rally and bring together expertise in these major fields and generate synergy for new knowledge creation and drive us to push the boundaries of this new domain as a community.

We hope that the learning and networking opportunities from the conference will shape the field and practice for PPH in Asia in the coming years. Spanning over a two full-day conference (13-14 July 2023) with an exciting day (12 July 2023) of pre-conference events, workshops and site visits, this conference builds upon the success of the 2021 conference and brings together policymakers, biomedical industries, technology firms, service providers, and healthcare sector professionals to get updates on the latest developments in these sectors.